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Seasonal - K9 Kraken

Seasonal - K9 Kraken

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Release the Flavorful Fury of K9 Kraken - A 3-Pack of Dehydrated Squid for Your Adventurous Pup!

Prepare your canine companion for a flavor voyage like no other with K9 Kraken. This tantalizing treat, crafter from the deep sea, is the perfect way to infuse excitement into your dog's snack time.

🐙Exquisite Squid Adventure: Watch your dog's eyes light up as they dive into the intense flavors of the ocean, now right at their paws.

🐙Unleash the Kraken: Our dehydrated squid is not just a treat: it's a legendary gastronomic experience that turns snack time into an adventure.

Set sail on a taste voyage that your pup won't forget. Let them conquer the K9 Kraken and unleash their inner sea-dog, one satisfying chew at a time.🐶🌊

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