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Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Oxford

Best Friends - Cat Tunnel with Ball

Best Friends - Cat Tunnel with Ball

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Watch your kitty hide, pounce, and play in their very own Cat Tunnel. They'll tap into their natural instinct as they stalk their prey - most likely a helpless cat toy or treat! Your furry friend can use the tunnel for a cozy nap or to escape any unwanted attention, something your nervous or shy kitten with especially love! A crinkly center peephole adds an intriguing noise they'll paw-sitively love.

Key Benefits

  • Play, hide and nap, your feline friend will have endless options!
  • Great for multi-cat play.
  • The water and dirt resistant bottom keeps accidents away.
  • Easy to clean - machine wash and dry
  • Attractive tunnel is made from safe, non-toxic materials
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