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Grand Valley

Grand Valley Quail Dehydrated Quail Egg - Medium

Grand Valley Quail Dehydrated Quail Egg - Medium

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These Dehydrated Quail Eggs Treats have the same healthy nutritional values, minus the shell and messy insides of feeding raw egg. They are a great source of fat and iron which are great for your dog's energy level. They are also high in Vitamin B2 which help keep skin, coat and eyes healthy.

These are perfect treats for dogs with allergies. Great for use with obedience training or just an everyday treat, fed in moderation.

Feeding Instructions

Feed as a treat or add to meal as part of a balanced diet. Bag should be sealed after use. Store inΒ  a dry place at room temperature. Natural oils may solidify on the surface of treats if exposed to cooler temperatures. coloring may vary due to the natural dehydration process. Supervise your pet while feeding.

Ingredients:Β  Quail Egg.

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