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Head to Tail

H2T - Medicinal Mushrooms Super Immune Blend

H2T - Medicinal Mushrooms Super Immune Blend

Certified: 100%Organic, 100% Fruiting Body, Vegan, Gluten and peanut Free, 3rd Party tested for impurities

May help with: anxiety, inflammation, low energy, skin issues, cancer

I am over the top excited to share my latest passion with you!!

As the public has been learning about the therapeutic properties of medicinal mushrooms for themselves, they are also aware it has the same wonderful effects on their fur-babies.

Stats show that the Nutraceutical industry for pets is expected to grow another 21% over the next few years.

With the help of my own dogs and cats, we have come up with a very palatable blend of Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms.

Benefits of Super Immune Blend:

Immune System Support

Manage inflammation

Nourish the gut

Aid in reducing anxiety/depression

Calming effects

Improve cognitive function

Auto-immune support

Immune modulator

Increase energy

Combats free radicals

Supports the heart

Supports all organs

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