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SodaPup - Slow Feeder Bowls

SodaPup - Slow Feeder Bowls

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3 Designs Available 

 The enrichment bowl promotes slower eating and improves digestions.  Perfect for all size dogs including puppies. 


Ebowls are perfect for serving wet and dry foods together without making a mess. You can combine foods together or separate them in the individual chambers of the design.  The depth of the ebowls are ideal for serving raw meals (consult veterinarian). 

These designs feature different heights and depths and opening sizes imitating more natural eating conditions and putting your dogs natural foraging instincts to the test.

Slower eating has the following benefits: calming and soothing for your dog, may help prevent bloat, improve digestion, better gut health, small meals last longer.  In addition, use of the Honeycomb ebowl may help keep your dog entertained, reduce separation anxietyy, reduce boredom and unwanted behaviors associated with boredom.


This is not a chew toy. Supervise your pet while using this enrichment ebowl. If ebowl becomes damaged, remove from pet immediately.


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