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Wholistic Pet Organics

Wholistic Pet Organics - Krill Oil

Wholistic Pet Organics - Krill Oil

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100% pure omega-3 krill oil from the pristine waters of Antarctica.

Contains high levels of powerful antioxidants including Vitamin A and E, and have natural occurring astaxanthin. Antioxidants like astaxanthin have been shown ton aid in the elimination of harmful molecules called "free radicals"

Astaxanthin serves as one of the most powerful antioxidants that can be absorbed by the bod. The body requires antioxidants to help bring balance, and help heal damaged cellular structures. Antioxidants fight the process of oxidation, which leads to cellular breakdown over time.

Astaxanthin is unique in that it is highly bioavailable throughout the body. The skin. muscles, ligaments, eyes, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and the internal organs can all reap the benefits of Astaxanthin.

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